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Defining Horizontal Groups

In Odoo, horizontal groups are a new feature introduced in Odoo 16 that allows you to add horizontal groupings to your reports. This feature is particularly useful for filtering and analyzing data in accounting reports. By creating horizontal groups, you can categorize and organize data based on specific criteria, making it easier to identify trends, patterns, and anomalies. 

These horizontal groups can be used in the financial statements as a filter. This feature will be available under the configuration menu of the accounting application only if the developer mode is activated.

Using the Create button in the horizontal groups section, you can establish new horizontal groups. Upon creating horizontal groups, you can specify which financial reports should include these groups.

Within the "Section" field, you can define the filtering criteria for the horizontal group. This domain determines which data will be included when applying the horizontal group to financial reports. 

BEX Capital L-5

For instance, in the Partner Ledger report, receivables and payables can be filtered based on a horizontal group whose domain specifies that the partner name contains "azure". 

Having established a clear understanding of Horizontal Groups, let's now proceed to the Journals section in the following segment.

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