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Who we work with

Technology and Software

For technology and software companies, we provide specialized accounting services tailored to their unique needs. We understand the complexities of revenue recognition, subscription billing, and project accounting, ensuring accurate financial reporting and compliance.

Construction and Real Estate

For construction and real estate firms, we offer tailored accounting services to handle project costing, subcontractor management, and property management. Our expertise ensures accurate financial reporting and optimized cash flow management for successful project outcomes.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

In the healthcare and life sciences industries, we provide specialized accounting support to manage complex revenue recognition, research grants, and regulatory compliance. Our solutions help healthcare providers and life sciences companies stay financially efficient and compliant.

Manufacturing and Distribution

We assist manufacturing and distribution companies in managing their financial processes efficiently. From inventory management to cost analysis, our Odoo accounting solutions streamline operations and improve overall profitability. Contact us today.

Retail and E-commerce

Our comprehensive Odoo accounting solutions cater to the specific requirements of retail and e-commerce businesses. We handle inventory tracking, sales tax compliance, and multi-channel revenue management, enabling businesses to focus on growth and customer satisfaction.

Professional Services

We work with professional services firms, such as consulting, legal, and marketing agencies, offering dedicated accounting solutions. Our services encompass project-based accounting, time and expense tracking, and streamlined invoicing to enhance financial visibility and profitability.

A few of our references

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STS Medical

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What we do 

Odoo Accounting and Bookkeeping

Our expert chartered accountants leverage the power of Odoo to provide accurate and reliable accounting and bookkeeping services. We handle financial transactions, maintain ledgers, and generate financial reports, ensuring your business has a clear financial picture.

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Tax Compliance

We prepare your company's VAT, intra-community, and corporate tax returns. Our team stays updated with the latest tax regulations and helps optimize your tax strategy.

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Reporting and Dashboards

Our chartered accountants provide in-depth financial analysis and reporting, giving you valuable insights into your business's performance. We help you understand key financial metrics, identify trends, and make informed decisions to drive growth and profitability.

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Odoo Accounting Migration

We specialize in smooth transitions to Odoo's accounting system. Our experts handle data migration, validation, and alignment with Odoo's framework. We ensure data accuracy, security, and offer post-migration support for a seamless shift to efficient accounting with Odoo.

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Odoo Training and Support

In addition to our accounting services, we offer comprehensive Odoo training and support. Our experienced trainers provide hands-on guidance to help your team navigate the Odoo platform effectively, maximizing its potential for your business's financial management.

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CFO Advisory Services

As trusted financial advisors, we offer insights and recommendations to optimize financial processes, improve cash flow management, and enhance overall financial performance.

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We are Odoo exclusive

With an unrivaled expertise in the Odoo accounting software, we have successfully migrated over 350 clients from diverse industries and from various accounting softwares to this powerful platform. Our seasoned team has witnessed and conquered every challenge imaginable, ensuring a seamless transition for your business. Trust us to optimize your financial operations with our comprehensive Odoo expertise.

We offer Odoo globally

Just like yours, our business operates on an international scale. At Doo Finance, we are proud to pioneer the world's first accounting network dedicated solely to the Odoo platform. With our expansive network, we offer unparalleled expertise and support, ensuring seamless financial management for your global operations. Partner with us to unlock the true potential of international accounting on the Odoo platform.

What our customers are saying 

350+ clients successfully migrated
to Odoo Accounting software

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Is Odoo compliant with UK accounting standards?

Yes, Odoo is compatible with UK accounting standards. It is recognized by the UK HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs) and is compliant with the Making Tax Digital (MTD) requirements, allowing users to submit tax obligations and VAT returns to HMRC[1][2]. Odoo's core accounting engine supports Anglo-Saxon Accounting, which is used in the U.K. and other English-speaking countries, where costs of goods sold are reported when products are sold or delivered[4]. Additionally, specific modules exist for the U.K. to comply with its accounting specificities, such as the UK - Accounting and UK - Accounting Reports modules[2]. Therefore, Odoo is well-equipped to meet the accounting requirements of the United Kingdom.